Hollow Metal Doors

In Roanoke, VA

Croy Contracting Inc. Installs the Highest Quality Hollow Metal Doors

Croy Contracting Inc. of Roanoke, Virginia, has been installing the highest quality commercial hollow metal doors and doorframes throughout our service area for many years. Our hollow metal fire door frames are manufactured to comply with NFPA, UL, ASTM, and UBC industry standards for fire control, smoke, and draft control. Our commercial installation and repair services are competitively priced to save you money. Call us at (866) 342-4645 to get more information on our hollow metal door installation.

Installing a Wide Array of Hollow Metal Doors

Croy Contracting Inc. carries and installs hollow metal doorframes in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs. We also offer the following customized doorframe options to meet your specifications:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Fire Rates
  • Three-Sided
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Borrowed Lite
  • Double Egress
  • Masonry
  • Pocket Slider
  • Transom

Manufactured with Premium-Grade Materials

Our hollow metal doors are manufactured with premium-grade materials, and they are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as security threats, fire, high heat environments and various other conditions. Croy Contracting Inc. hollow metal doors are the best choice for all commercial applications, including warehouses, emergency exits, airports, office buildings, restaurants, schools, stores, hotels, courtrooms, military installations, apartment buildings, office buildings, and more.

Call Us Before You Try to Repair the Steel Door Yourself

The professionals at Croy Contracting Inc. are also available for repairs of your hollow metal doors. You can trust that our experience and knowledge of hollow metal doors will give us the edge when repairing a steel door. Do not try to repair the door yourself because you could cause more damage, which could end up costing you more money. When you contact us, we will report to your location on time, communicate with you, and repair the door as quickly as possible.